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To anyone considering holding an estate sale, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Estate Sales by Andy and Kathy.

Andy and Kathy were a true blessing to our family, during an important transitionary time. 

First, they accepted our sale although we did not have a lot of furniture and big items to include in the sale. (Two alternate candidates had previously declined)

They did an excellent job of sorting, organizing and displaying the merchandise to obtain the best possible result for us, and the sale was financially successful.

The service provided was way above and beyond our expectations of a team hired to conduct a sale including, Andy cleaned the ceiling in the lenoi to make the house presentable for sale.  Similarly, Kathy patched small nail holes and did touch up painting, again to help the house look great for selling.  They left the house empty and in excellent condition so that we could list the house without traveling back to check on matters.

As the timeframe for sorting and packing was short, we had forgotten a couple of sentimental items in the house.  Andy and Kathy kindly shipped these to us, so they could continue to be used and enjoyed by Mom and Dad as familiar keepsakes in their new unfamiliar surroundings.

Andy and Kathy also encouraged us to have marketing material concerning the sale of the home available during the sale, as they indicated there is always interest in the home generated by the estate sale traffic, and so we implemented that suggestion.

The kindness and compassion of Andy and Kathy is so very much appreciated and again, we strongly recommend their service.



Kathleen Stone

Columbus, Ohio

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